Altai holidays

Altai is a place of a special attraction. And everyone who has ever visited here, certainly felt it.
Auto tour with tents and a portable bathhouse.

August 3-10 (8 days) 

*€ 521,- (flight and visa are not included)

Day 1
Departure from Barnaul city. The journey will follow in one of the most beautiful roads in Russia - the Chuysky tract. Along the way we will make stops in the most beautiful places.

We will drive to meet with a master of national wood carving (master class for those who wish). Overnight stay at the base.

Day 2
We will see the miracle of nature - Geyser lake is a small thermal lake, which is called the Secret, Silver or Blue Lake with a surprisingly beautiful turquoise color of water and a bottom of bright blue silt and sand. Then we will see a stunning panorama of the North Chuya and Kurai ranges. In the evening, we are waiting for a delicious dinner and a concert of throat singing.

Day 3
Today we will see one of the most important sights of Altai - the glacier Aktru (in the Turkic it means  a "camp" or  a "white parking").

Overnight stay at the base of the Aktru alpine camp.

Day 4
We descend from the Aktru, rest in the Kuray steppe. Fishing, bathhouse, riding.

Day 5
Excursion to Kyzyl-chin on "Mars", a real miracle created by the nature.

Lunch and drive to the Chulyshman River valley. On the way we will see one of the most mysterious burial grounds of Altai - the Pazyryk burial mounds. When we will go to the cut down in the rocks Katu-yaryk pass. Overnight stay at the base in the valley, set up a camp.

Day 6
Excursion to the Uchar waterway (on foot 20 km). A portable bathhouse on the bank of the Chulyshman river in the evening.

Day 7
We return to Barnaul city. Overnight stay on the way at the base on the Katun river.

Day 8
We return to Barnaul city.