Altai: Blooming Maralnik

Blooming Maralnik is a unique phenomenon of nature, a flower-strewn mountains and rich excursion program.

April 29 - May 2 (4 days)   

Preis:  € 414,- (inkl. alles außer Visum und Flugtickets)

What will you do?

We will visit the "Blossoming Maralnik" festival.

We will make an unforgettable trip along the Chuysky tract, one of the most beautiful roads in Russia.

We will admire the flowering of "Altai sakura".

We will see ancient cave drawings - petroglyphs.

We will be amazed by the spectacular view of the North Chuya Range.

And many more interesting things!

Route description:

Sightseeing tour to the places of blossoming maralnik and visiting the same name festival on the Turquoise Katun tourist base.

Day 1
Visiting the festival on the Turquoise Katun base, overnight in the Shashikman village, a dinner with dishes of national cuisine and a concert.

Day 2
Chicke -Taman Pass, Kupchegen, Yaloman, Sand Rocks, the confluence of Chuya and Katun Rivers, lunch at the cafe of national cuisine in Chui Oozy. Kalbak tash - petroglyphs, Turbine threshold, White Boom, Geyser lake (overnight stay at the base).

Day 3
Kuray Steppe, a concert of throat singing and dinner by the fire.

Day 4
Departure to Barnaul city.