Ethno-tour of Altai

This excursion tour will allow you to get acquainted with numerous sights, such as natural monuments and the history of people inhabiting the Altai Mountains many centuries ago and their descendants still living.

11-15 June (5 days)

* € 422,-  (flight and visa are not included).

Day 1
Departure from Barnaul city, visit to the National Museum in Gorno-Altaisk city. Meeting with an artist. A female monastery on the island of Patmos.

Village Ascat, the museum. Overnight stay at the base.

Day 2
Chyke-Taman Pass, the confluence of Chuya and Katun rivers, lunch at the cafe of a national cuisine. Kalbak tash petroglyphs, the Red Gate, the Pazyryk burials. Kidelu Lake, the Chulyshman River Valley and the Katu-yaryk Pass (without descent). Overnight stay at Uzunkel Lake base.

Day 3
Geyser lake, panorama of the North Chuya Range, the Kuray Steppe.


In the evening we are waited by a concert of throat singing, a master class on national instruments, a short training in Altai language and delicious dinner in the national traditions, Overnight stay at the base.

Day 4
Mars (if the road permits, often at this time rivers are flooded), the Telengits Museum in Kokorya village. Kosh-agach, a meeting with masters of national carpets, we will drive around the village and look at the local market. Visit koumiss farm with tasting koumiss. Overnight in Kyzyl-Tash.

Day 5
Departure to Barnaul.