Lakes of the Uimon Valley

July 13-22 (10 days)

*€ 570,- (flight and visa are not incl.)

Day 1
Departure from Barnaul city. Overnight stay at the base, Ust Koksa village.

Day 2
Auto-excursion to the Lake of Bakhtalin, a panoramic view of the Uimon Valley.

Day 3
Auto-excursion to the lakes of the Red Mountain. Overnight stay at the base in Zamulta village. Bathhouse.

Day 4
A trip to the Lower Lake of Multa, crossing the lake on a boat and spending the night at the Middle Multa Lake (a house), a bathhouse on the lake.

Day 5
Excursion to the Upper Multa Lake, 9 km there and 9 back (for those who wish). Bathhouse in the evening.

Day 6
Rest on the lake.

Day 7
Transfer to the Lower Lake of Multа. Horseback excursion to Kuiguk (for those who wish).

Day 8
Descent from the lakes, we set up a tent camp on the bank of the Katun and a portable bathhouse by the river.

Day 9
Rest on the Katun river. Excursion to the museum in Verhny Uimon village.

Day 10
Departure to Barnaul city.