Photo-tour Golden Altai

September 14-27 (14 days)

*€ 899,- (flight and visa are not included)

Day 1
Meeting the group at the airport in Barnaul. Check-in at the hotel, city excursion, dinner, photo of the night city.

Day 2
Early departure from the city. Breakfast at the cafe on the way. The journey will take place along one of the most beautiful roads of Russia - the Chuysky tract. On the way we will make photo-stops in the most interesting places (Seminsky pass, Chike-Taman pass, the confluence of Chuya and Katun rivers, Turbine threshold and many others interesting places). Later arrival at the base on Lake Uzun-kel. Dinner.

Day 3
Dawn shooting on Lake Kidelu. Katuyaryk and the Chulyshman Valley.

Descent to the valley and overnight stay at the base in the houses.

Day 4
Walking-out to the Akkurum tract (“Stone mushrooms”). Overnight at the base in the houses.

Day 5
Early departure. Geyser Lake, the Kuray Steppe. Shooting of the sunset on “Mars”.

Day 6
Dawn shooting in the Kuray steppe, transfer to the Aktru, overnight stay in the alpine camp.

Day 7
We get down to the Kurai, shooting the sunset in the steppe. Dinner, a concert of throat singing.

Night shooting in the steppe.

Day 8
We are on our way to the Uimon valley. Overnight stay in Zamulta village, bathhouse, dinner.

Day 9
Transfer to the Lower Lake of Multa, overnight stay at the base.

Day 10
Shootings on lakes.

Day 11
Horse trip to Kuiguk, shooting on the lake with one overnight stay (if there are any wishers).

Day 12
We descend from the lakes, excursion to the museum in Verhny Uimon village. Overnight stay at the base in Zamulta village.

Day 13
Excursion to the lakes of the Red Mountain. We are going to Barnaul, overnight stay at the base on the Katun River.

Day 14
Departure to Barnaul, farewell dinner.

Day 15
Transfer the group to the airport.