The Golden Ring of Altai. Auto tour

Rich and diverse tour of the brightest and most beautiful places of the Altai Mountains.

 June 22 - July 1 (10 days) 

*€ 636,- (flight and visa are not incl.)

Day 1
Early departure from Barnaul city. We will drive to Ulagan on Lake Uzun Kel, overnight stay at the base.

On the way we will make stops in beautiful places for photography: Seminsky Pass, Chick-Taman Pass, the confluence of Chuya and Katun rivers, lunch at the national cafe.

Day 2
We drive across the Ulagan Pass, lake Kidelu, descent from the Kata-Yaryk Pass, overnight stay at the base “Stone Mushrooms".

Day 3
Radial walking out for those who wish to enter the Akkurum tract (Stone mushrooms), the pedestrian part of the route is 9 km. Bathhouse in the evening.

Day 4
We go to the Kurai steppe, on the way we make a stop on Geyser lake, we look at the fabulous panorama of the North Chuy ridge. Overnight stay at the base in Kyzyl Tash village. A concert of throat singing in the evening. Bathhouse.

Day 5
Excursion to "Mars" (the valley of Kyzyl Chin). We will visit the museum of Altai Kazakhs in Zhanaul village. Overnight stay at the base in Kyzyltash village.

Day 6
Departure to Zamulta village, on the way to Ustkan village is a lunch with a tasty national cuisine.

Bathhouse and dinner in the evening.

Day 7
A trip on off-road vehicles to the Lower Lake of Multa. Excursion to the Middle Multa lake. Overnight at the base.

Day 8
Horse trip to Kuiguk (for those who wish), rest on the lake.

Day 9
Descent from the lakes, set up a camp on the Katun river. We go to the Roerich Museum in Verhnii Uymon village.

A hiking bathhouse on the river in the evening.

Day 10
Departure to Barnaul.